Urethane Shock Absorber Stopper Bump Dust Covers Boots Kit For BMW OE 3133 1138 814

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Feature New upgrade dustproof and anti-aging, long life and high temperature resistance, made of polyurethane, wear resistance, tensile strength, tear resistance, high strength and compression resistance Vehicle stability. The shock-absorbing block is a kind of polyurethane product with high elasticity and high toughness, which belongs to the automobile modification accessories. It is used to install at the coil spring of the car suspension system, which mainly plays the role of buffering and shock absorption and protects the car. 900 132主图1 Detail Buffer block: 1. Effectively solve the problem of weak shock absorber spring and restore shock absorber performance. 2. Protect the shock absorber and suspension system and avoid oil leakage from the oil seal of the shock absorber core. 3. The test results can extend the life of the shock absorber by more than 2 times. Dust jacket: 1. The shock absorber dust jacket is mainly for dust prevention. 2. The shock absorber dust jacket also protects the lubricating oil inside from flowing out and protects the shock absorber from being covered by dust 900 132主图2 900 132主图3 Specification
Product Number 900 132
Warranty 2 year
Car Model BMW 1er 2008/11-2011/12 BMW 1er Cabriolet 2008/09-2013/12 BMW 1er Coupe 2009/09-2013/10 BMW 3er 2002/02-2005/02 BMW 3er Cabriolet 2001/09-2007/12 BMW 3er Coupe 2000/04-2006/07 BMW 3er Touring 2002/03-2005/02
Application Auto Suspension Parts
Position Suspension System
Material PU,PP
Color White,Black

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