Butterfly Cooling Gel Pad Cooling Pad For Butterfly Memory Gel Pillow

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Why doesn't the gel cool? We all know the concept of room temperature. The room temperature is generally maintained within a predetermined range throughout the year. The room temperature in winter and summer is not much different, but people feel different about warmth? That is because the air humidity in summer is higher than that in winter. The evaporation of water on the surface of the human body is slower than that in winter. The human body dissipates heat through evaporation, which is not as fast as in winter, and feels that summer is not as cold as winter. Gel is a substance between solid and liquid, and there is no such thing as evaporation. Naturally, for the gel pillow, "winter temperature = summer temperature", it gives the feeling that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Gel is a constant temperature substance, not a cooling substance, which can effectively lower the temperature by 1.5-2.0°C. 蝴蝶型凝胶片 Detail N Recommended Reasons Relieve daily stress Semi-fluid form gel pillow, constant temperature heat dissipation, promote blood circulation, Soothe the nervous cervical nerves from long-term work, let the tired body fall asleep faster 蝴蝶型凝胶片2蝴蝶型凝胶片3 Application butterfly shape gel pillow  

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